5 Tips for students How to Study for IAS at Home

1. Create a time table

To become an IAS officer, it’s necessary to be like an officer with a well-organized daily routine. Creating timetable can ease your preparation and transform you into an organized person. Candidate should set a comfortable timetable before your preparation and act accordingly to the same. This is considered as an important quality of an officer.

5 Tips for students How to Study for IAS at Home

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2. Read newspapers and magazines

Don’t compromise your newspaper reading no matter the time constraints. Once you get into the mood, believe us, it’s not that boring! Before beginning preparation, aspirants ought to select and read an English Newspaper daily. The best choice is the Indian Express and The Hindu. Aspirants ought to be ready to recognize the relevant news.

Along with this one has got to prepare short notes on the subject to wise using you pragmatic mind, prudence and with the flavour of common sense.

3. Mock Tests

As IAS aspirants, no one should have to tell you the importance of IAS Mock tests. These tests are designed on the exact same examination pattern as used by UPSC to prepare the civil services examination paper. Therefore, Mock tests will help you evaluate your preparation and tell you which topics or subjects need revision.

4. Buy the most recommended books for IAS preparation

Once you have decided that IAS/IPS as your career goal, buy the most necessary books for UPSC CSE preparation.  We should begin with the below are the books you should start with. Books

  • NCERT Books
  • Economics – by Ramesh Singh
  • History – By Bipan Chandra
  • Indian Polity – by Laxmikanth

5. Use the social media platform and internet

Rather than you can join forums or groups where you can raise your queries and get an appropriate answer, UPSC preparation, news etc. that will give you the information about the latest technology or news which will further help you for your preparation. You can gain knowledge by using the internet. Use the social media platform and internet effectively for your preparation. Social media can also give a lot of tips on how to prepare IAS at Home.