Best tips for IAS Mains answer Writing

1. Structure Your Answers:

The answers enclosed down by you in the examination hall ought to be structured. they have to bear an introduction and an acceptable and logically needed description that ought to follow it. Besides, there ought to be a excusable and logical conclusion.

2. Thorough knowledge of the topic plays a crucial role:

The candidate must have a thorough knowledge to answer the question paper well. Otherwise, there is bound to be unnecessary chatter, instead of what the question logically needs. Writing at length with no substance isn’t going to help you score any marks. keep in mind that there’s no room for any kind of jargon, reserve descriptions, or cliches. And there’s a golden rule that quality is usually higher than amount. So, the solution ought to focus exactly on what the question has asked for. which needs thorough information.

3. Do not give quotes in excess:

Mentioning some quotes wherever they’re logically needed in support of your answer could be a sensible plan. however, don’t offer too several of the quotes. in this case, these area units rather nice|the good|the nice} thinkers who area unit responsive the UPSC question paper and not you! And it’s you who is facing the communicating within the great expectation of connection the cadre of your alternative. So, take a stand, categorical the opinion, and support it with some quotes (as needed during a logically excusable manner) instead of too several of them.

4. No Generalizations:

In case, UPSC selects you, and you’re allowed to join the cadre of your alternative as well, you would be needed to require specific call in specific or perhaps peculiar circumstances because the case could also be. And as already declared on top of, UPSC prefers people who would be ready to function extremely economical Civil Servants. So, you ought to not express any general opinions. Be specific, what you write. No generalizations, please, because it only serves to prove that the candidate isn’t assured enough to form a call and/or take the responsibility for his actions.

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5. Be innovative:

It is best to be indicatively original. Remember, UPSC is testing you and not the great authors whose books you would possibly have read to organize for the exam. So, don’t cram the content and check out running it down on the solution sheets within the examination hall. which will simply not serve any purpose.

6. Daily Practice:

Try answering the Past year’s question papers. do it repeatedly. keep in mind that apply makes a person excellent. The more you answer the previous year’s papers, the more you’d sharpen your skills to answer the question papers within the UPSC Mains exam.

Besides, if you try the Unit tests at the UPSC coaching institute (if you’re listed at one) or perhaps solve the net Test Series for the UPSC communicating oftentimes, you’ll notice that your answer writing skills have reached nearer perfection than what they may are ab initiation.

Stay centred on what has been asked in the question paper. No digressions of any kind are appreciated by UPSC as it only proves your answer doesn’t have much of the substance in it.

7. Try to express yourself in a language that is lucid:

Be sure that what you write conveys your ideas during a crystal clear lucid language. A confused language solely serves to convey that the author himself is confused and keep in mind that a confused mind might not serve the state as an economical functionary.

8. Be accurate:

Whatever facts and details you embrace in your answers ought to be correct. Besides, they must be conferred during a logical manner furthermore. It serves to feature to the convincing attractiveness of the solution.