The most effective method to Study Maps for UPSC IAS



Find out pretty much all India’s neighbouring nations. Make a note of different Indian states which share their limits with such neighbouring nations. Give generally more significance to nations of Indian Subcontinent.

Study completely India map for maritime area around the peninsular piece of India and the islands in the Indian Ocean. For instance: Extent of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Countries nearest to Lakshadweep Islands, Various channels – 10 degree, 9 degree, and so on.


Study the significant scope and longitude queues on the India map. For instance, you should consider the states through which Tropic of Cancer passes.

Make a note of various states and places through which Indian Standard Meridian (i.e the longitude of Indian Standard Time) passes.

Additionally, you should consider ‘idea-based’ lines, nature of coastlines, and so on. For instance: Division of India based on 10°C isotherm.


You ought to have the option to draw political guide (a diagram) of India by hand (Very significant for Mains Paper GS I and GS II). Find out about which states share limits with which other and what number of states.

Study all the significant urban communities on India map. You ought to have the option to point them and furthermore have the option to find which city is toward the west/east/north/south of a specific city.

Make a note of significant urban communities which were in news as of late. Ex. Kasargod in Kerala came into the worldwide spotlight, after over the top utilization of the pesticide Endosulfan.

You ought to have the option to distinguish the eastern/western/northern/southern degrees of the states and UTs. At whatever point another state is cut out from the current region of India, the ensuing changes in the state limits must be noted.


Note down – Origin, Sources, Flow courses and tributaries of the considerable number of waterways in India. For instance, question asked in Prelims on River Teesta required such data to accurately show up at an answer.

Recognize left bank and right bank tributaries of significant waterways. You should draw a harsh chart on a clear paper for each significant stream waste bowl.


You ought to have the option to call attention to lakes on political guide and furthermore distinguish which states share a specific lake.

Additionally, numerous lakes have certain interesting highlights. Make a different rundown of such lakes. For Example: Wular Lake (Jammu and Kashmir) is one of the biggest crisp water lakes in Asia


Note down the degree and significant pinnacles of all the mountain ranges for example both – Himalayan and Peninsular. You ought to have the option to draw the full mountain go on an India political guide and show the most elevated top for it

Study areas of different ice sheets which are toward the north of the Vindhyas. Likewise, different waterways starting in these mountain officers/ice sheets ought to be noted.

Study different holes/passes, national parks, verdure, fauna, states and so forth existing in the geological spread of such mountain ranges.

Receive a near methodology for the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats mapping.

Regular Vegetation:

The extraordinary decent variety in the Indian characteristic vegetation ought to be concentrated in setting of variety in the atmosphere across India.

Make a note of spatial conveyance of a specific sort of woodland across India. For instance: Rainfall inadequate territories of Rajasthan – Thorny Shrubs and no woods.

National Parks:

You ought to have the option to find all the significant national parks, tiger holds, untamed life asylum, biosphere saves, and so on and furthermore their degree across states.

Significant Places:

You ought to have the option to recognize all the significant places in India, including journeys, world legacy destinations, atomic influence stations, ports, levels, wetlands, mineral-rich areas, and so on and furthermore other significant physiographic includes close by.


Lines on the Maps:

Study the significant scope and longitude queues on the world guide (like Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle, Equator). Note the nations through which every one of the lines passes.

Additionally, study the International Date Line, Prime Meridian and which nations fall on which side. (Update such data from the present issues magazine).

Physiographic Features:

Note all the significant physiographic highlights that you run over in the NCERTs and standard topography/history/economy books. NCERTs have numerous significant maps and you should concentrate every one of them.

From Current Affairs:

For any significant ongoing news, look at the necessary area on the Atlas maps. Find out about the National limits and circumscribing countries. For instance, if Syria is particularly in the news, you ought to have the option to tell which nation imparts outskirt to which different nations in West Asia. Likewise, you should know which nations fringe Mediterranean ocean, or other close by oceans. and so forth.


You should buy clear Political India maps from the showcase. First, figure out how to draw rules on such a clear guide. You can utilize Latitude 76 °E, scope 92 ° E, Indian Standard Meridian and Tropic of Cancer as rules for mapping work. With the assistance of these rules, begin plotting significant spots/highlights (which areas of now asked by UPSC in earlier year papers) on your clear Political India maps. This strategy will assist you with learning which significant spot/highlight lies in which state/s. At the point when you get settled with Political Maps at that point rehash the above procedure on ‘clear Physical India’ maps. You can make your lord record of all such Physical India maps. Worth expansion should be possible by keeping in touch with joke special quality/include about the passage on the guide itself. You can embrace the strategy referenced above for World Maps too.

Drawing Schematic Maps of India/World:

Quest for a little size India Physical (Blank) map diagram on google. By utilizing it as a kind of perspective guide, have a go at drawing India map diagram on a clear page. You should separate your guide layout in 4-5 sections. At that point practice each part independently. At the point when you are agreeable in drawing all pieces of India map then you can begin drawing total India map plot. Start from the top i.e Jammu and Kashmir and afterwards attract map clock-wise course. You can embrace a comparable technique for World Maps moreover.

Note to Students:

Contemplating maps can’t extra weight and should be possible as recreational work during your investigation breaks. Brain maps of India and world will make an investigation of enormous bits of current undertakings, geology, world history, economy and so forth exceptionally instinctive and they will help incredibly incomprehension. Guide work can’t in scoring simple stamps in the prelims, however having the option to draw great maps and finding significant spots/highlights will be exceptionally valuable, particularly in GS-1 Geography/History and GS-3 Economy.

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Good Luck!

Rishabh Mehta