Way forward on prelims – English version

Dear students,

The UPSC Notification is out and as expected no major changes exist in this year in civil service examination. So, we shall stop worrying about the changes in the UPSC pattern and shall focus on clearing the exam.

Notification in Brief

1. The number of vacancies to be filled on the result of the examination is expected to be approximately 1079 ( total vacancies decreased by 100 compared to last year)

2. Last date for application is 27th May 2016, midnight

3. No change in Number of attempts nor age limits.

Advice to the students

1. Apply as early as possible. The Centre allocation to the students is on the serial number of application. So, you will get better centre with experienced invigilators if you apply early.

2. If you for whatever reasons applied multiple times online, every time you will be given a new number and the highest number will be your latest number and remember this for all future correspondence with commission.

How to prepare from now?

Dear students, Lets understand how we shall maximize the time in these 3 months left for us.

Rule 1 – Revision shall be the first priority –

Rule of the game is to play on our strong points. Believe yourself, you have already prepared enough for this examination. So, maximize your time on revising and recollecting the information you read.

Rule 2 – practice the tests – Many of the students take examination environment for granted. It can cost you dearly. Before going to the examination, practice at least 2 grand tests. If you are planning for an organized test series, it is well and good.

Reverse study, elimination techniques which you are going to apply in the examination shall be practices from the beginning. Don’t get demoralized, if you are getting low marks on mock tests. In the real exam, you need to get between 55-60% marks.

Rule 3 – Take a look at all the previous UPSC questions. Many of the students think, UPSC will not repeat the questions. It may be true partially, but concepts are definitely repeated. So, look at the previous questions, think on them and if you do not know the answer, revisit the concept and clarify

Rule 4 – Elimination is the key

In the examination hall, you need not know all the correct answers. But, you can answer many of the questions by removing the distant, unrelated concepts. It can be described as elimination process. Here, confidence is the key. Many students fear of negative marks in applying elimination process. If you are eliminating two choices, you are half way close to the correct answer. In my observation, probabilities

always go in favour of the people who take this calculated risk. Be careful, there shall not be too wild guess.

Rule 5 – High yielding areas

Environmental issues, Modern India, Fundamental rights and DPSP, constitutional authorities, eco survey were always forming half of the question paper. Give due emphasis on them along with relevant current affairs.

Rule 6 – Don’t neglect CSAT – Paper II – Paper II is a qualifying exam. It mean unless you get your 33% marks in paper 2, your paper1 will not be evaluated. So, don’t take it for granted. Practice at least 2 or 3 papers and brush up your concepts.

Rule 7 – NCERT books are the gold mine – If your time permits, take a look at them. If not, revise the standard books you read.

Finally, remember – Prelims is an elimination exam. It mean any serious student with adequate preparation can clear this stage.

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