Laex Weekly Magazine-21 by Sandeep sir, La Excellence IAS

Laex Weekly Magazine-21 (16th July to 22nd July 2017) by Sandeep sir:


Notes will be available in Chenchu reddy bookstore, padmavathi xerox, Vikas book store, vision book store. 

August 2, 2017
  • narmada

    sir we are not hyderabad people please provide us link to download notes , pleasse sir.

  • Nehru Chacha

    can anyone share with me the magazine. I am ready to pay

    • Tushar Parmar

      chacha ji you can subscribe it for 300 at laex.testprep .

      • Nehru Chacha

        thanks bhateeje..I was unable to find a link. thanks again

  • Rittu Raju

    Rambabu sir v a waiting for your current affairs daily videos sir. . Please do continue. .as we are not able to attend classes. . V a really dependent on your current affairs videos. . . please sir

  • Shiva

    La excellence current affairs is truly helpful for sincere aspirants and I must sincerely convey my thankfulness to especially the heroes of upsc current affairs champions Dr.rambabu and sundeep sir for providing such a wonderful current affairs weekly material which truly meets the needs of upsc. Sir this journey of knowledge which is provided by laex will certainly help people like me who are staying in remote areas, who are passionate but absence of right guidance, so kindly if possible plz upload the PDFs of laex weekly current affairs, so that it gives an edge and access to remote people. Kindly help us.

  • Shiva

    Plz sir if possible provide PDFs of laex weekly magazine in online platform, as I belong to remote place and I’m not in a position to come to Hyderabad every week and get those well designed and broadly explained magazines. Plz help me it would be a great help for people who are not staying in states capital. Plz plz plz upload sir.

  • keshav

    sir please maintain the continuity of daily newspaper will be very helpful

  • Happu Singh

    Sir, pls continue with daily analysis of the hindu..

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