UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 08 August 2017

UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 08 August 2017 highlights are:





States cold to stricter anti racism law

The Home Ministry’s proposal to amend the law to insert two stricter anti-racialdiscrimination provisions in the Indian Penal Code has got a lukewarm response from the States.



Why Nehru matters more than ever?

Nehru had a cosmopolitan view of the world and it had helped him to better manage the diverse and plural society like India. His experiences to fight against colonialism can be a learning for future generations.

A strong evaluation of oneself and one’s society is critical for progress of any society. Philosopher Juergen Habermas has called this as the public use of history. This is essential to understand the triumph of human spirit and inspires us to fight against the totalitarianism and suppression of human freedoms.

Nehru was able to build solidarity among the newly independent nations , institutionalized  democracy, established institutions of excellence for progress of india.

Even as our society is globalizing at a frenetic pace. It has turned inwards and become claustrophobic. This makes Nehru more relevant today than the past.


A gathering crisis

Ground water is fast depleting in India. It is the time India shall have a regulatory framework, that provides for equitable use. Ground water (sustainable management) bill 2017 is based on the current understandings of ground water and it need to be implemented in a decentralized manner with involvement of local Governments.


Raging rupee

Increasing value of rupee vis a vis dollar is hurting exports. At the same time it eased the stress on current account. The major reasons for rising value of rupee are –

  1. tightening of monetary policy by Government.
  2. Inflight of capital

If RBI intervenes at this point of time, it can lead to competitive protectionist tendencies from other countries. So, RBI shall keep itself aside.


Privacy in the digital age

Privacy in the digital age is not only effected by the Government but also by the private sector organizations. In this scenario, state shall give a positive right to privacy by shaping its role in digital society/economy.





August 9, 2017
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