UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 08th March 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs  08 March 2018 highlights are:

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08 March 2018


Prime Minister flays vandalism on statues



Periyar is remembered for self respect movement in Tamil nadu. He envisaged a Dravida homeland of Dravidanadu and launched a political party, Dravidar Kazhagam. He actively participated in Vaikom satyagraha. He stands for politics foregrounded in social equality, self respect and linguistic pride.



Be alert to Operation Dhakka

  1. Vandalism, force and violence has no place in democracy.
  2. People are expected to be vigilant to understand impact of vandalism on Indianness.
  3. In a democracy, citizens have a responsibility to hold parties accountable.


Ecologically subsidised city

East Kolkatta wetlands are the natural sinks and they act as natural sewage treatment plants. They are recognised as Ramsar site. They are economically very important for local communities.

Benefits caused by wetlands are not calculated and it do not get in to GDP accounting. It is one of the reason for over exploitation of ecological resources. Green accounting practices if developed, it can raise the consciousness of citizens and state on ecology.


Rooftop energy

India has a target to achieve 100GW of solar power by 2022. In this 40 GW is expected to come from roof tops. As on today, solar installations on roof tops is not as expected. Benguluru declared an aerial mission to produce a three dimensional roof top power potential using LIDAR(Light detection and ranging).

Added to this, solar power can get a big boost, if policy is able to provide tax incentives and subsidies on manufacturing of photo voltaic cells.


The power of Numbers

Data related to sexual violence in community and work place is underreported. The reasons are

  1. Sensitivity of information asked from woman.
  2. Lack of anonymity.
  3. Different perceptions of sexual violence in the society.

Added to this,

Sexual violence against woman is increasing in work places and public places. Immediate steps towards gender equality are necessary. Objective collection of data is a crucial step towards breaking silence.


Our toasters are brave

Human dependancy on electronics and internet is increasing. Internet of Things takes it to a new level. Along with benefits of new technology, concerns of Privacy and safety are also on rise.



Peace on Peninsula

History of Korea , six party talks, rapprochement between two Koreas.






March 8, 2018

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