UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 09 August 2017

UPSC IAS The Hindu and Indian Express Current Affairs 09 August 2017 highlights are:


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09August 2017

Ready for a mosque at a reasonable distance : Shia board

The UP Shia central waif board told the Supreme Court that the 15th century Babri Majid  was a Shia waqf(endowment). It is ready for mosque at a reasonable distance in Muslim populated areas.


The mood of the moment

Indian politics is in a phase never seen before, with the collective targeting of opposition parties.

Idea of India shall be based on inclusiveness, egalitarianism, pluralism and not based on ideology of division and polarization. A sense of nationalism shall not override our concerns for the idea of India described above. Loss of voice for media and political parties will undermine democracy in the long run.


Food for action

Supreme Court of India in swaraj Abhiyan case has directed states to implement key aspects of National food security act.

Though enacted in 2013 there is no significant progress in implementation of law through establishment of food commission, grievance redressal mechanisms in the states.

Art 256 of the constitution also casts a responsibility on the states and union to ensure compliance with laws made by the parliament.

A food security law is a best tool to rise nutritional standards uniformly across the country.


Rouhani’s challenge

President Rouhani has started his second term midst of many challenges. They include

  1. Increasing sanctions from USA on its missile program.
  2. Strong hard line position
  3. Strengthening Sunni alliance against Iran and support of president Trump to the same.
  4. President Trump refusal to certify Iran nuclear deal.


Today, we do not talk of inclusive nationalism

Remember the following views

  1. The danger of a single story – chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  2. Gandhi and Nehru’s Nationalism is anti colonial and all inclusive.
  3. Tagore said , when the nation becomes powerful at the cost of the harmony of social life, that day is an evil day for humanity.
  4. Nation based on Territorial boundaries is refered by MN Roy as an antiquated cult.
  5. Gandhiji said – we can not expect law to manufacture sedition for the State, we must allow disaffection to be fully expressed unless it incites violence. The same was stressed by Supreme court in kediri nath singh vs state of Bihar.
  6. The response to criticism is not to silence the other but to engage with it rationally.
  7. There are many kinds of privacy – privacy of space, privacy of behavior, privacy of decisions and privacy of information. Underlying all concerns of privacy is the principle of dignity.




August 9, 2017
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