UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 26 January 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs  26 January 2018 highlights are:


26 January 2018


Supreme Court to hear plea against states, karni Sena

Supreme Court is about to hear pleas against state Governments for their failure to provide security for screening of padmavat film. In s. Ranjarajan vs jagjivanram case, supreme court held that the Government can not cite the possibility of violence to prohibit a films screening.


India – ASEAN ties to focus on freedom of navigation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Security and freedom of Navigation will be at the heart of cooperation between India and ASEAN in the 21st century. Leaders also agreed to create a joint mechanism to ensure safety and freedom of navigation in the maritime domain.


India – ASEAN relations can benefit region : China



The grounding of Air India

Mixed economy model was an early success in india during Nehruvian period. Primacy given to Public sector has created industrial base and professional management led them to profits. During Nehruvian sector profits and savings of public sector were higher than private sector. Indian economic growth was better than china. PSU’s like HMT had expanded their capacities purely on the basis of profits they made.

But from 1970s PSU have become instruments of states populism. Political interference has created non business obligations and they started to fail. LPG era has exposed their weak health and is pushing them towards death.

In this scenario, if PSU have strong public utility and collective significance like railways, they can be continued. If not, they can become a burden on state finances. so, a lot of political maturity is necessary to drive this action. Autonomy and professional management can bring a difference and Kerala example of turning PSU to profits signifies this.


Reading the constitution

Constitution is a document for our collective living. Its reading and philosophical foundation need to be understood by everyone. Illustrations provided by Nanda lal Bose explains diversity of India. True significance of constitution need to be educated for every citizen.


Should euthanasia be allowed?

Existing position : In Aruna Shanbaug case supreme court held that Passive Euthanaisa for terminally ill patients can be allowed and is legal. But , there is no clarity on living will s or advanced directives or active euthanasia in india.



Right to life also includes right to live with dignity. If intractable pain makes an individual to suffer and makes him dependable on others than it can be considered as a life with out dignity. So, right to life shall include right to death.

The fundamental right to life includes to right to choice to live or not is a question of law.

On other side, implementation of it will have many challenges. Checking its abuse is very difficult. Allowing active euthanasia is a question of moral ethics for doctors and it is denying of future developments of cure to patients.




January 26, 2018


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