UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 16th April 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 16th April 2018 highlights are:

Prelims  Roundup (2000) –

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16 April 2018


Mandate and allocations

finance commission

The bigger issues in relation to terms of reference to finance commission this year are

  1. Conditions by the centre to states for borrowing under Art 293(3) of the constitution.
  2. Measurable performance based incentives to states in respect to a number of areas – implementation of flagship schemes, progress towards replacement rate of population growth, control or lack of it in incurring expenditure on populist measures, promoting ease of doing business.
  3. Centre wants commission to review revenue deficit grants.
  4. Centre wants to have more funds for developmental programmes under New India 2022. It means it is expected to spend more on state subjects.
  5. Terms of reference aims to reduce allocation of grants under scope of Art 275 and increase the same under 282.


Finally , it need to be remembered that devolution of taxes to sates is not charity, but it is their right.


Reimagining governance

The 115 aspirational district program is aimed at bringing hierarchal top down administrative  structures to work more  in a collaborative environment. It will have an incharge officer at the state and central level who will directly coordinate with district level incharge officer.

Another important aspect to this is real time collection of quality data. It is expected to improvise decision making in Government.


War for war

USA attack on Syria in retaliation to chemical attacks in Douma near Damascus will further complicate matters in war torn Syria. USA undertook the strike before the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons even began. It should have waited till the inter governmental watch dog has submitted evidence.






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