UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 14th April 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 14th April 2018 highlights are:

Prelims  Roundup (2000) –

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Ambedkar’sDhamma, Gandhi’s swaraj

RiyasKomu, an artist tried to depict inner contradictions between Gandhiji and Ambedkar. Along with this, he presented symbols of the state like Sarnath lion symbol, Satyamevajayathe, lotus-The national flower, past history of India – like Mohenjodaro and its dancing girl are illustrated.


Divided we fall

The debate on the finance commission’s terms of reference needs reshaping :

Debate on finance commission terms of reference is dividing the regions and putting south against North. The very design of the federalism in our constitution is to ensure balanced regional development. In this scenario, concerns of equity need to dominate in financial allocations.


Preventing accidents

Fixing road designs and enforcing safety protocols should be priorities in preventing road accidents. Added to this,

  1. incidents like Kangra accident needs to be probed by qualified transport safety experts to determine the factors that caused it.
  2. National road safety and traffic management board with a provision of state Governments participate need to be created.
  3. Officials responsible for lax road designs need to be made accountable.






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