UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 13th April 2018

UPSC IAS The Hindu Current Affairs 13th April 2018 highlights are:

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Ayushman Bharat

Building a robust primary health care system will save lives and can lead to a healthier India.

Ayushman Bharat has two primary elements

  1. Health and wellness clinics
  2. Insurance based health protection scheme

PHC centres will be rechristened as health and wellness centres with expanded coverage of diseases and with a focus on preventive and promotive care.

National health protection scheme is based on providing universal health insurance coverage to 10 crore of families towards secondary and tertiary care.

Issues with this are

  1. NHPS do not cover out patient care. No country in the world has achieved universal health care through insurance based mechanisms.
  2. Cost of health care is expected to increase
  3. Emphasis on Primary health care and insurance based health security is not supported with necessary financial allocations.


Why should we trust science

Science is based on evidence, logic , reason. Logic stitches together observations and determines the rules to understand the evidence. Reason constructs hypothesis and these are tested for consistency against logic and fact. Reason encompasses imagination, creativity mathematical thinking and other abilities of the human mind. In essence, science is the organised method to understand nature.

When societies take positions against the consensus of science, for economic or ideological gains, they risk failure.


No Place for young girls

Criminal justice system has to function irrespective of pulls and pressures from politics and society. Giving a caste, communal colour to a rape on a child shows degradation of values in a given society and loss of  respect for Justice. Kathua and Unnao incidents reflect the above. Justice need to stand for power.



Bank Boards Bureau

An organisation established to recommend appointments to chairman, director position of various public sector banks. Chairman and committee members will have a two year term.


WHO directives call for support for Breast feeding

WHO and UNICEF issued a new 10 step guidance to increase support for breast feeding in health facilities.  They are aimed at educating mother to provide breast feeding with in the first hour and to breastfed exclusively for six months.


SCs life and existence under threat : Justice Kurian

Justice Kurian urges CJI to take on Government for sitting on collegium recommendations. Indu Malhotra and CJ of high court of Uttarakhand are recommend for elevation as judges of Supreme Court by collegium. Government of India did not take any action on the matter. It can send a wrong message that executive can make career prospects suffer if they do not act in their pleasure.



IRNSS 1I is kept in the orbit by PSLV C41. It has successfully completed NAVIC constellation.






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