UPSE CSE Prelims Test Series 2024

"Re-inventing Test Series with focus on Backward Study as our Core Philosophy"

UPSE CSE Prelims Test Series 2024

"Re-inventing Test Series with focus on Backward Study as our Core Philosophy"
Core Philosophy
Myth vs Fact
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Core Philosophy of our Test Series

The process of Backward Design stands as a tried-and-true method for achieving a comprehensive grasp of a subject. Within this framework, students undergo assessments in an environment that simulates real-time exams. Subsequently, their performances are analysed meticulously at a micro level to identify any gaps in their understanding. The main aim is to pinpoint areas where students might be struggling, such as a lack of clear concepts or difficulties in connecting different related ideas. Using insights from this performance analysis, personalized and meticulously crafted learning plans are developed, with the added support of mentors. Through this approach, the traditional learning progression is reinforced by revisiting foundational elements, thereby empowering students to reach their maximum potential.

  1. Examination
  2. Evidence and Assessment
  3. Improvement through the learning plan



Built upon the core philosophy of backward design, our test series is strategically crafted with the objectives of –

  1. Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus with emphasis on High Yielding Areas
  2. Support on reading sources with focus on weak areas derived from test analysis
  3. Real time exam environment simulation
  4. Special emphasis on CSAT, with micro level topic division and performance analysis.
  5. Personalised programme and support by Mentors
  6. Overall performance analysis and tracking of progress
  7. Test discussion with special emphasis on tips and tricks

Myth vs Fact

Through a focus on Backward Study, our aim is to dispel certain myths linked to UPSC preparation

Myth Fact
Prelims examination require reading everything under the Sun Comprehensive coverage with focus on High Yielding Areas is essential for clearing prelims
A good test series should cover every minute detail A good test series is the one which helps the student gain conceptual clarity and become exam ready
Focus is on remote topics to enable student attempt questions in which majority students fail Focus is on enabling students to clear the exam with focus on repeated revisions, tests, performance analysis and personalised mentorship.
UPSC CSE prelims is becoming unpredictable And luck plays a major role is one’s success Although the pattern is evolving, still 55-60% the questions are predictable and can be mastered with focused preparation. As the saying goes “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”


  1. No. of Tests: 60
    • 40 GS (32 Sectional + 8 Full length)
    • 20 CSAT (12 Sectional + 8 Full length)
  2. Test discussion immediately after the test
  3. Detailed explanation sheets after every test
  4. Coverage of the past one-year current affairs
  5. Incremental approach – Sectional test – a comprehensive test
  6. Coverage and revision of all standard books
  7. Schedule mentor interactions at your convenience

Payment Details

  • Account Holder Name: La Excellence Edu Services Private Limited
  • Account Number: 922020055661550
  • IFSC Code: UTIB0003221
  • Bank: Axis Bank
  • Branch: Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad

Pay via UPI

  1. In case you made the payment through NEFT / UPI, please upload the payment slip on your account.
  2. Please send the payment confirmation screenshot to this Number +918309992769 via WhatsApp.

Course Director

Ram Mohan

C Ram Mohan Reddy


Embarking on a decade-long journey in UPSC CSE, with six mains and four IFoS mains, my passion thrives in teaching and mentoring students for the past five years, shaping aspirational success.

PTS Batch 1 2024

8,999 (offline)
  • Batch Starts on 25th Feb 2024

GS 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
CSAT 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

No. of Tests: 60
GS Subject wise – 32
GS Simulation – 08
CSAT Sectional test – 12
CSAT Simulation – 08


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Prelims Test Series for UPSC CSE