Panel recommends laws to regulate Big Tech Firms

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Panel recommends laws to regulate Big Tech Firms

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La Excellence IAS Academy | March 13, 2024 | Indian Polity

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: Polity, Topic: Legal issues, Issues: Digital Competition Law.

Context: The Committee on Digital Competition Law, formed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, released its report.

Key Recommendations:

  1. Making new laws to control big tech companies like Google and Meta with significant influence in digital services.
  2. Aim to ensure fair competition in the digital world.
  3. It will help the Competition Commission of India better handle competition issues involving tech firms.
  4. Companies not complying may face penalties based on their global earnings.

 Prelims Connect (Institutions in News):

Competition Commission of India:

·       A statutory body established in 2003, under the Competition Act, of 2002.

·       Its objective is to promote competition and protect consumers.

·       Consists of a Chairperson and 6 Members appointed by the Central Government.


o   Prohibits anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominant position by enterprises

o   regulates mergers and acquisitions (M&A) which can hurt competition within India.

Source: The Hindu

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