Crisis of time: On parched Karnataka and its water woes

La Excellence IAS Academy

Crisis of time: On parched Karnataka and its water woes

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La Excellence IAS Academy | March 11, 2024 | Environment, Ecology and Disaster Management

Syllabus: GS- III, Subject: Environment, Ecology and Disaster Management, Topic: Disaster Management, Issue: Water Crisis

Context: Water Crisis in Karnataka (Bengaluru)

  • Bengaluru’s reliance on the Cauvery River and groundwater worsens the crisis.

Key factors responsible for the crisis:

  1. Insufficient rainfall– resulting under-‘replenishment’ of the Cauvery.
  2. Reduction in rainy season – less number of rainy days.
  3. Bengaluru’s lack of preparation– low ground water recharge rate, demand-supply mismatch, reduction in number of lakes within the city, low investment on research and development etc.


  • Climate change leads to non-linear, disproportionate, and potentially irreversible outcomes, necessitating rapid and sustained responses.
  • Even if erratic rainfall is not directly linked to climate change, its unpredictability will likely increase.

The way ahead:

  • long-term strategies are crucial.
  • Holistic solutions to be ready for rapid urban growth
  • Circular water economy: can reduce reliance on external sources and maximize water utility.
  • Restoring the health of rivers.

Source: The Hindu

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