India’s R&D funding, breaking down the numbers

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India’s R&D funding, breaking down the numbers

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La Excellence IAS Academy | March 14, 2024 | Science and Technology

Syllabus: GS- III, Subject: Science and Technology, Topic: Indigenization and Development of Technologies, Issue: Research and development(R&D) in India.

Analysis of Research and development (R&D) funding landscape:

  • Despite significant increase in Gross Expenditure on Research and Development (GERD), the overall numbers in percentage of GDP remains low.
  • GERD is mainly fueled by the government sector (~63%).
  • 54% of R&D funding goes primarily to four institutions-DRDO (~30%), Department of Space (~18%), ICAR (~12%), Department of Atomic Energy (~11%)
  • Higher Educational Institutions contribute only 8.8% to overall R&D.
  • Despite low allocation to R&D, India has emerged as a powerhouse in producing academic talent.

 Challenges in India’s R&D ecosystem:

  • Ensuring equitable fund distribution,
  • fostering interdisciplinary collaborations,
  • upholding global standards.

 Steps taken by government:

  • National Deep Tech Startup Policy (NDTSP) – holds the potential to incentivize private sector engagement in India’s R&D ecosystem.
  • Anusandhan National Research Foundation (ANRF) Act, underscores the government’s dedication to catalyzing research and innovation.

 The way ahead

  • Closing the existing gap demands a dual strategy:
    • encouraging private sector involvement and
    • fortifying academia’s research infrastructure.

Source: The Hindu

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