What the success of Gaganyaan could mean for Indian science

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What the success of Gaganyaan could mean for Indian science

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La Excellence IAS Academy | March 16, 2024 | Science and Technology

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Science and Technology, Topic: Space Technology, Issue: Gaganyan Mission

Benefits of Gaganyaan mission:

  • Demonstrates India’s human spaceflight capability.
  • Active participation in space exploration ensures access to rights, resources, and new technologies.
  • Aims to gain control over critical technologies for future economic growth.
  • Space programs generate spin-off technologies benefiting sectors like health and medicine.
  • Fosters a robust science and technology ecosystem.
  • Indigenization push focuses on domestic manufacture in strategic sectors like defense, space, communication, and energy.

Government steps to promote science

  • Missions focussing on green hydrogen, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.
  • India participates in international projects like LIGO and Square Kilometer Array.
  • New scheme promoting deep-tech capabilities in the defense sector.
  • Calls for foreign companies to establish manufacturing facilities for chips and semiconductors.

The way ahead:

  • Scientists stress structural reforms to enhance India’s science output.
  • Sustained attention needed to maintain momentum in science initiatives.
  • Addressing basic issues in science education and research crucial for significant improvement.

Source: Indian Express

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