Why has India developed an atmospheric testbed near Bhopal?

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Why has India developed an atmospheric testbed near Bhopal?

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La Excellence IAS Academy | March 16, 2024 | Environment and Ecology

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Environment and Ecology, Topic: Pollution, Issue: Air Pollution and Control

Context: The first phase of India’s Atmospheric Research Testbed in Central India (ART-CI) was inaugurated at Silkheda, Madhya Pradesh.

Atmospheric Research Testbed:

  • An open-field research program.
  • Focuses on observational and analytical research of weather parameters and synoptic systems during the southwest monsoon season.
  • Aims to generate high volumes of data for comparison with existing weather models to improve rainfall predictions.
  • Developed by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.
  • The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, oversees the operations.
  • Phase one involves remote sensing and in-situ measurements using 25 meteorological instruments.
  • Phase two will include the deployment of additional instruments such as radar wind profiler and balloon-bound radiosonde.


  • Central India, particularly the Monsoon Core Zone (MCZ), is vital for rain-fed agriculture and Kharif cultivation.
  • Understanding synoptic systems and their impact on monsoon rainfall is crucial for accurate forecasting.
  • Climate change has led to erratic rainfall patterns, making accurate forecasting more critical.
  • Silkheda’s pristine environment allows for the setup of sensitive meteorological instruments to record crucial data.
Prelims Connect (Equipment of ART-C)

●       ART is equipped with over two dozen high-end instruments and radars for continuous observations.

➢   An aethalometer for aerosol studies,

➢   A cloud condensation nuclei counter and a laser ceilometer for cloud size measurement.

➢   A micro rain radar for raindrop size calculation and distribution analysis.

➢   A Ka-band cloud radar and a C-band Doppler weather radar for tracking rain-bearing systems’ movement.

Terminology in News:

●       The monsoon core zone (CMZ) is a region in India that stretches from Gujarat in the west to West Bengal in the east.

Source: Indian Express

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