Prelims cum Mains

La Excellence IAS from past 13 years is known for its best designed Integrated Prelims Cum Mains course, it is a holistic course which covers syllabus of the UPSC civil services examination with,

NCERT Foundation Course

We believe in building the strong foundation for your UPSC civil service examination preparation, our NCERT foundation course are taught by best and experienced faculty of La Excellence. NCERT tests are conducted based on the micro schedule.


Advance learning through the class room program by expert and renowned faculties across India. In order to ensure the students about timely completion of the syllabus in a systematic way, the classroom program is designed on module basis for all the subjects comprising 42 modules in total with micro schedule prepared by our Faculty and R&D Team linking the syllabus with recent dynamics of the UPSC Examination. To help the students to plan their studies throughout the week and complete syllabus on right time we provide them Friday sheet in which the weekly syllabus to be taught in the classroom is mentioned along with the name of the faculty, reference materials and syllabus for the weekly test.


La Ex provides DPPP (Daily Prelims Practice Paper) comprising 10 MCQs based on the topics taught in the class. This helps them to revise the topics on same day.

To simplify the art of answer writing and boost the confidence at early stage of preparation, La Excellence provide DMP (Daily Mains Practice) questions based on the topics taught on previous day and faculty discuss those questions and guide them how to write mains answers on a daily basis.


Weekly Tests are conducted based on the Friday sheet and Monthly tests are conducted based on the completion of the syllabus to boost their confidence and evaluate conceptual clarity and applicability of learned knowledge to face the UPSC CSE. 


With the team of faculty and experts, La Excellence prepared more simplified, precise and easily understandable materials to the aspirants which covers every topic of the syllabus.

  1. MODULE MATERIALS: These are comprehensive materials covering all the topics of the syllabus, these are the primary reference books for the aspirants.
  2. DAILY HANDOUTS: Daily current affairs handouts consisting of News Paper articles and editorials, PIB. Detailed synopsis of the articles are given to the students to understand current affairs in a better way.


  1. WEEKLY RECKONERS: Weekly compilation of Current Affairs are given to the students for revision.


It’s a unique initiative of La Excellence designed with a micro schedule oriented towards UPSC Prelims with a special focus on high yielding areas and detailed analysis of previous year question papers.

Highlights of RRP

1.    This is 3 days program for each core subject

2.    Revise, Recollect and Practice is the theme of this program

3.    This unique program gives an opportunity to revise effectively from our best faculty,

4.    Active and Passive recollection technique

5.    Work book to test your understanding of the topics

6.    Detailed analysis of Previous Year Question paper to understand the trend.