Grow Local, Eat Local: Bengal Farmers Hold A Celebration Of Indigenous Seeds.

Syllabus: GS-III.

Subject: Economic Development.

Topic: Cropping patterns in various parts of the country.

Context: Farmers organized an indigenous seed festival and pledged to conserve different varieties of native seeds.


  • Hundreds of farmers exchange native paddy, pulses, and vegetable varieties.
  • Organized by ActionAid, Kajla Janakalyan Samiti, and Purba Medinipur Kisan Swaraj Samity.
  • Part of ActionAid’s climate justice campaign, promoting sustainable farming.
  • Aims to build discourse on climate change, organic farming, and seed conservation.
  • Plan to establish grassroots seed banks across the state.
  • Farmers emphasize the need to regain control over traditional seeds for safe food.
  • Festival addresses environmental damage and vulnerability caused by modern agriculture.

Climate Resilience Agriculture:

  • Climate-resilient agriculture (CRA) is an approach to farming that helps agricultural systems withstand organized the increasing challenges(droughts, flash floods) posed by climate change.
  • preparing the crop to face the harsher and more unpredictable weather patterns that are becoming the new normal.

 It focuses on

  1. Adaptation.
  2. Sustainable Resource Management.
  3. Encouraging biodiversity-livestock.
  4. Knowledge and Innovation- adapting new technologies.
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