3000+ Hours


1800+ Mains

Practice questions


Weekend test

20,000+ Prelims

Practice questions



IAS + Graduation Curriculum

Degree with IAS Coaching is a popular combination that was initially started by two corporate colleges in telugu states. Their Objective is guided by the slogan ” Catch them Young “. The very objective of “ Catch them young ” has not given intended results. Today, learning from their failures and mixing our wisdom and experience – we created IAS + Graduation not Degree + IAS
Teaching Hours
  • 500+ Hours of Teaching per Semester
  • Total 3000+ Hours of Teaching in 3 Years
Daily Prelims Practice
  • Exposure to 20×100 = 2000 Questions per Semester
  • Total of 12000 Questions in 3 Years
Daily Mains Practice
  • Focus on developing answer writing skills through regular practice
  • Daily 2 Mains Questions, 2×100 = 200 Mains Questions per Semester
  • Total of 1200 Mains Questions in 3 Years
Weekend Test - Sunday
  • 1200 Prelims Questions and 100 Mains Questions Practice per Semester
  • Total of 7200 Prelims Questions and 600 Mains Questions in 3 Years

Rapid Revision Program (RRP)

Prelims and Mains Rapid Revision Programs before UPSC Prelims and Mains Exams

Shiksha 1 Year Prelims cum Mains Integrated Test Series

50+ Prelims Tests and 35+ Mains Tests in 3rd Year

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8am – 5pm

IAS + Graduation

How are we Different?

IGNOU syllabus with 100% match with UPSC syllabus. Degree and UPSC preparation goes together.
Seriousness is constant and Focus on the exam is unfettered. Time of the student can be used to impart linguistic, essay writing skills essential for examination.
Campus and exposure to successful students
At Ashok Nagar, In the centre of competitive market. Succeesful student can be a your next person in the reading room. There is no better motivation than exposure and interaction with success.
Material development
Updated annually. Dedicated team exists to revise material ebery year.
Serious testing process with Daily, weekly and monthly exams.
Answer writing and essay writing focus
Separate teams exist for the same.
Personality development skills
Special studios exist for students to improve their presentation skills.
Full time mentors exists on monthly salary basis.
After graduation support
Exists. students get necessary support till selection.
Current Affairs
Daily current Affairs classes are part of the curriculum.

Why 3 years course for civil services?

To answer this question, let us understand the journey of following students


She joined Degree with IAS coaching. She was able to crack APPSC with state 1st rank and later got selected in to civil services in 2023 results.

Tina Dabi

She started her preparation from +2 and cracked civil services with AIR 1 in the very first attempt.

Dheeraj reddy

His story is interesting. he got in computer science in IIT, Delhi. Later, discontinued and joined open university to pursue his dream of civil services. Today, he got 173 rank and is expected to become an IPS officer

What their story tells us ?

Start it Today, Start it Now.

Civil services need certain critical skills and knowledge. It takes time to acquire the same. Early start gives a student necessary lead time.

IAS + Graduation

Degree with IAS Coaching is a popular combination that was initially started by two corporate colleges in telugu states. Their Objective is guided by the slogan ” Catch them Young “. After a decade, slowly success started coming in. Then, question is – why a decade ? The very objective of Catch them young ” has not given intended results. Today, learning from their failures and mixing our wisdom and experience – we created IAS + Graduation not Degree + IAS
Others and Regular Students

Degree/Graduation (3 - 4 years) With very less or No focus on IAS preparation

1 year foundation course after graduation

1 year exam cycle

Min of 5-6 years to complete first attempt - but with only 1.5-2 yrs of preparation

2 - 4 Attempts to success

Overall 10+ Years

La Excellence – IAS + Graduation

IAS + Graduation 3 years - full fledged preparation for IAS

Exam ready

1 - 2 Attempts to success

Overall 4 - 5 years

Why are we starting IAS + Graduation now

Catch them young

Students who gets selected at an early age can become Cabinet Secretary, the top post in the career progression of a civil servant.

Innovation in courses across universities and increased higher education opportunities

Management schools are developing special MBAʼs for civil service aspirants to make them adapt to private sector leadership.

One preparation and many Exams

The aptitude and communication skills that will be developed as part of the programme will be useful for the students to attempt and get recruited in other competitive exams like CAPF, CDS, SSC-CGL and Bank exams.

Synchronisation of syllabus across Public service commissions

The syllabus of UPSC is widely adapted by various state public service commissionʼs like J&K, Maharashtra, and few other states. Furthermore, it is anticipated that a common prelims test will be conducted for all central government examinations.

Widening of opportunities : Parents dilemma - "What if not selected " is answered

Students who are not qualified in the civil services will be recruited for Public Sector companies as managers and other managerial positions. Many of the Private sector companies are ready to take UPSC aspirants. Zerodha, NSL, Nekkanti group are ready to offer jobs.

Shaping Leaders for Tomorrow's Governance!

No. 1 Choice for Ranker's

La Excellence IAS – A Landmark of Consistent Success
Uma Harathi
Air 3
GVS Pavan Datta
Air 22
M. Sai Pranav
Air 60
K. Mahesh Kumar
Air 200
R. Jaya Simha
Air 217
Raviraj Awasthi
Raviraj Awasthi
Air 224
Chaluvaraju R
R. Chaluvaraju
Air 238
Challa Kalyani
Air 285
Y. Shruthi
Air 362
Eppalapally susmitha
E. Susmitha
Air 384
Dongre Revaiah
Air 410
C. Shravan Kumar
Air 426
J. Bhanu Prakash
Air 448
Bhuvana Pranith Pappula
Pranith Pappula
Air 510
Damera hima vamshee
D. Hima vamshee
Air 548

Why Choose Us ?

Where Dreams Take Flight. La Excellence IAS Academy offers comprehensive and intensive courses designed to prepare students for the competitive exams like IAS, IPS, ETC.

Dedicated inhouse Faculty

Dedicated R&D team

Trusted by the governments (Telangana, AP, Karnataka)

Dedicated inhouse Mentors

Extensive test preparation

Trusted by officers with their children

Weekend batches for working professional and students



  • Established as LUFE 
  • “Let’s Unite for Excellence” at Delhi
  • Rank 1, Sheena Agarwal from LUFE


  • Started in Hyderabad with Mentorship and Test Series


  • 11 Ranks from Mentorship Program
  • Launched 1 Year Foundation Program


  • AIR 115 in the first attempt from 1 Year Foundation Program


  • Current Affairs Weekly Magazine launched.
  • Hindu Newspaper Analysis through YouTube launched first time in India


  • AIR 22, Muzammil Khan
  • Highest number of ranks achieved in Telugu states
  • Since then continued to be on the top


  • Crossed 500 admissions in 1 Year PCM course
  • Became biggest institute in Hyderabad


  • Madhapur branch established


  • Tie up with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana government


  • Tie up with Karnataka government and estb. of Bengaluru Branch Shikha program for Test Series


  • Crossed 1000 admissions in 1 Year PCM course
  • Established Gayatri residential campus


  • Initiated Prelims Rapid Revision Program (RRP)
  • Launched Personalised Mentorship
  • Shiksha - 1 Year Test Series program launched


  • Core Batch Program for merit students - rechristened as Nekkanti Enhance
  • Interview Hackathon
  • Mains Rapid Revision Program


  • Own premises inaugurated
  • Launched dedicated Group 1 courses and achieved 30+ ranks in APPSC Group 1


  • Civils+ Program for UG launched
  • IAS + Graduation launched as a 3-Year integrated program
  • Mains Hackathon launched
  • Tie ups with Meghalaya and West Bengal governments

Empower your UPSC journey with La Excellence!

Meet Teachers and Mentors

Unlock Your Potential with Expert Guidance
Ram Mohan
Ram Mohan
Polity, 8 Years
Dr Ram Babu
Dr Ram Babu
Polity, 15 Years
History, 34 Years
GHP Raju
GHP Raju
Internal Security , 10 Years
History, 26 Years
DB Kumar
DB Kumar
Geography, 26 Years
Venkata Mohan
Venkata Mohan
PSIR, 24 Years
Deepak Gowda
Deepak Gowda
Economy, 15 Years
DR Raja Shekar
Dr Raja Shekar
Science And Technology, 16 Years
Economy, 7 Years
Ethics, 12 Years
Vilas Rathod
Vilas Rathod
Environment, 8 Years
Harsha Mannava
Harsha Mannava
Anthropology, 8 Years
Sociology, 12 Years
Ethics & Governance, 10 Years

Core Facilities

Full time in house faculty

A faculty available in time to help students is half problem solved. We have dedicated, permanent faculty who are available in house. A student can walk down a floor to meet the teachers. Every subject is provided with minimum of two and maximum of three teachers to cover every corner of the subject.

24/7 reading room

Serene, silent , stimulative environment is created. Our reading rooms are completely sound proof with a view to Telangana secretariat and national flag. Reading rooms are spacious as there are no hinderances / pillars in between. It gives the students a feeling of wide , open spaces

Comprehensive Study material

Study material is designed to meet every need at every stage of the exam - Regular classroom study material, ready reckoners for revision, work books to practice as part of RRP program are a few to mention.

Stimulative environment

Imaging yourself reading next to a successful student who is trying to improve his rank or a student who is attending interview whom you can call as bro / anna. We have created a naturally designed stimulating environment.

Current affairs

An integrated , graded approach of training is created for current affairs. Daily Laex spark handout , monthly Spark magazine and yearly round up are provided to the students with classes.

Core batch

If you are sincere and dedicated we can walk an extra mile to help you. Core batch is a merit based selection system to provide personalised enhanced support to your knowledge needs.

R and D department

We are proud to say that laex is the first in the country to create a dedicated R and D department to support classroom and its top notch test programs.


Every class has a dedicated class teacher to counsel, motivate and monitor students. Mentors are available round the clock in the campus.


An integrated eco system with reading rooms , classrooms, mentorship spaces under one roof is created

Rigorous testing from the day one

Daily prelims practice , mains practice , weekend exams and test series will put you on exam mode every minute.

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one Step.

Get Ready to Excel


Upcoming IAS + Graduation Classroom Batches

Regular Batch, 20th June 2024

Monday - Saturday, Timings: 8:00am - 1:30pm

Weekend Batch, 22nd June 2024

Saturday - Sunday, Timings: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Key Takeaways

Previous Year's UPSC Test Series Papers

Structured Curriculum

Daily Resources

Hand Outs

2+2+2 Model

2 Subjects, 2 Teachers, 2 Modules

Guest Lectures

From Rankers

Personal Mentorship

One on one Doubt Solving sessions

Alumni Access

24/7 Reading Room

Test Series

Frequently Asked Questions

La Excellence vs Other coaching institutes?

La Excellence stands tall among all the coaching institutes for UPSC/IAS preparation. Our philosophy of Guru, Gurukulam, Sadhana and Sampurnatha and the ASK technique, ensures a comprehensive training of the students. We have developed innovative practices and programs like Daily Prelims Practice, Daily Mains Practice, Rapid Revision and Mentorship Programs. All these, combined with best infrastructure and a positive learning environment, enable a student succeed with flying colors.

How can I enrol in La Excellence’s courses?

Please register on our website laex.in or call on 9052 29 2929/ 9052 49 2929. For Bengaluru branch call on 9121 44 2929. You can also walk-in anytime, Monday – Saturday between 8 AM – 7 PM.

Are there any scholarships available for students?

We have a dedicated Core Batch Program. Students are selected into the core batch based on an Open Test and Interview conducted twice a year(June and October). Under this program, students are provided with dedicated Mentorship, Test Series and Reading Room, free of cost.

Is hostel accommodation available for outside students?

Yes. We have tie-ups with hostels which provides with best facilities available in the area.

Do you offer Weekend Batches for working professionals?

Yes, we have dedicated weekend batches suitable for working professionals and students in graduation. Classes will be organised on Saturday and Sunday.

How often are Mock Tests conducted?

Mock Tests are conducted on every Sunday covering the topics covered in the previous week. Along with Weekly Tests, Year long Test Series are also conducted. Also, Daily Questions are given both for prelims and mains – Daily Prelims Practice and Daily Mains Practice.

Is there any provision for doubt clearing sessions?

Yes. We have dedicated in house faculties and mentors, who are available to the students to hand hold them in their preparation. Our Philisophy of Guru, Gurukulam, Sadhana and Sampurnatha is designed around Teacher – Student under one roof for a holistic and comprehensive training of students.


What support do you offer for interview preparation?

We have designed a first in the country program for Interview preparation of the students who will be appearing for UPSC/IAS interview. Interview Hackathon program is designed as a 4 day program wherein students are taken to One Place. At this place, students will be having seminars on important issues, One on One sessions with Dr. Rambabu Sir, Venkata Mohan Sir, GHP Raju Sir (retired DGP), Somesh Kumar Sir (retired Chief Secretary) and Mock Interview sessions. This is not a regular 30 minutes mock interview program conducted by other institutions. This program is aimed to help students in Horizontal (peer to peer) and Vertical Learning (eminent personalities). 


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