India, Russia Ink Pacts On Construction Of Future Power Units Of Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

Syllabus: GS-II.

Subject: International Relations

Topic: Bilateral Relations

Issue: Agreements with Russia .

Context:  In a major boost to their time-tested partnership, India and Russia on Tuesday signed some “very important” agreements related to the construction of the future power-generating units of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

Agreements and Discussions:

  • Signed crucial agreements for future power units at Kudankulam nuclear plant.
  • Progress in bilateral cooperation areas: trade, finance, connectivity, energy, aviation, and nuclear.
  • Russia is termed a “special partner” in defense, nuclear power, and space.
  • Teams to meet by January for India-Eurasian Economic Zone free trade agreement.
  • Efforts to resolve payment problems between Russia and India.
  • Optimism about becoming 3rd largest economy, evolving impact on the world stage.
  • Indian community praised for strengthening collaboration.
  • Emphasis on self-reliant India deepening ties with Russia.
  • 75-year Special Partnership stable and resilient.
  • Jaishankar explored collaboration at Russian Industry and Trade exhibitionTop of Form.


The agreements on the Kudankulam nuclear project and the overall discussions reaffirm the enduring and strategic partnership between India and Russia across various domains, showcasing a commitment to mutual growth and collaboration.


  • The Kudankulam power plant is located in the coastal Tamil Nadu.
  • It is a Civilian Nuclear Power Plant, built by India in joint-collaboration with Russia.
  • There are a total of 7 operating nuclear power plants in India, and all of these facilities are a n part of India’s Critical Information Infrastructure.
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