MHA merges four medals into one – Kendriya Grihmantri Dakshata Padak

Syllabus: GS

Subject: Miscellaneous

Topic: Medal/Prizes

Issue: Kendriya Ghihmantri Dakshata Padak


  • This new medal replaces the Union Home Minister’s
    • Special Operation Medal.
    • Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation.
    • Asadharan Aasuchana Kushalata Padak, and
    • Union Home Minister’s Awards for Meritorious Service in Forensic Science
  • Recognizes achievements in areas like counter-terrorism, arms control, and prevention of narcotics smuggling.
  • Eligible recipients include personnel from police forces, security organizations, intelligence wings, and forensic science departments nationwide.

Medal features Sardar Patel’s face on the obverse and the Ashoka Chakra on the reverse.

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