Moving past bonds

Syllabus: GS-I, Subject: Polity, Topic: Elections and RPA, Issue: Election reforms

Context: Electoral finance reforms that are needed after Electoral Bonds declared unconstitutional.

Electoral reforms to address concerns of electoral finance:

  • Impose expenditure limits on political parties and mandate independent audits.
  • Establish a tax-free National Election Fund for donations.
  • Ensure internal democracy, transparency, and RTI coverage for political parties.
  • Grant legal authority to the ECI to cancel elections for financial misconduct.
  • Disqualify individuals with pending heinous offence cases from contesting elections.
  • Empower the ECI to de-register political parties that have not contested an election for 10 years, but have benefited from tax exemptions.
  • Make paid news an electoral offence with two years’ imprisonment, by declaring it a “corrupt practice” and “undue influence”
+1 advantage for mains (Statement)

“We should fight against corruption with our full strength. And this is my personal conviction.”(PM Modi)

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