Why are Rohingya refugee risk their lives at sea

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: International Relations, Topic: Global issues, Issue: Rohingya refugee

Context: A boat carrying Rohingya refugees overturned off the coast of Indonesia.


  • A Muslim minority ethnic group originating from the Arakan Kingdom in Myanmar.
  • Myanmar has denied them citizenship since 1982.
  • Their exodus began in 2017 following violence in Rakhine state.
  • The UN has described the 2017 violence as ethnic cleansing and accused the Myanmar government of genocidal intent.
  • Currently nearly 9.60 lakh Rohingya refugee lives in Bangladesh.

Reasons for undertaking hazardous sea routes:

  • Overcrowding and inadequate access to healthcare and education.
  • Gang violence and arson attacks


  • Indian Ocean countries must address this issue regionally.
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