Discuss the challenges of adopting electric vehicles (EVs) at scale in India. In light of the challenges examine the viability of hybrid vehicles as a transitional solution in India’s move towards cleaner transportation.


According to HSBC Research, India needs to “embrace” hybrid vehicles over the next 5-10 years on the way to full electrification. Hybrid vehicles are the more practical medium-term solution for the country’s decarbonisation efforts and are less polluting.


·         Introduce your answer by defining Electric Vehicles (EVs) and their significance in sustainable transportation. Highlight India’s growing EV market and government support.

·         In the main body, address key challenges in EV adoption – Infrastructure Deficit, Electricity Grid Reliance on Fossil Fuels, Supply Chain Issues, High Initial Costs, Range Anxiety, etc. Next              introduce hybrid vehicles as a transitional solution to full E-Mobility. Emphasize their advantages such as lower emissions, cost-effectiveness, and reduced dependency on charging                            infrastructure.

·         Conclude by acknowledging hybrids as a practical step towards India’s future transition to full e-mobility.


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