Blowback: On Pakistan, Afghanistan and insurgency

Syllabus: GS- II Subject: International Relations Topic: India and its neighborhood Issue: Border skirmishes between Pakistan and Afghanistan

Context: Pakistan and Afghanistan carried out retaliatory airstrikes against each other.

  • Pakistan alleged it struck the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in response to terror attacks.
  • The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan(Pakistani Taliban) is a militant group with the goal to overthrow the Pakistani government and establish a strict Islamic state.

Pakistan’s historic support to Afghanistan:

  • Pakistan historically supported the Taliban against U.S. backed Afghan governments.
  • Pakistan expected to strengthen its strategic presence through a client regime in Kabul after the Taliban’s return but faced setbacks.

Key concerns in Pakistan Afghanistan relation:

  • The Durand Line, a contested border, between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • The Taliban’s return has strengthened the TTP security concern for Pakistan.
  • Taliban and TTP share Pashtun ethnicity and Deobandi interpretation of Islam.
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