Citizen on the edge

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: Polity, Topic: Legal Issues, Issue: Bills/Acts/Rules

Context: Government has notified the Citizenship amendment rules.

  • The rules implement the 2019 Citizenship Amendment Act.
  • Offers Indian citizenship for “illegal migrants” from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, or Pakistan.

Key Concerns:

  • Applicants must prove citizenship and entry before 2014, a challenging task.
  • Document-centric approach disregards the collapse of document systems in countries like Afghanistan.
  • Composition and lack of procedures raise concerns over fair adjudication at Empowered and District Level Committees.
  • Expectation to declare oneself as an “illegal migrant” exposes applicants to arbitrary state powers.
  • Lack of transparent asylum mechanisms undermines the CAA’s humanitarian claims.
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