Germany seeks intergovernmental deal for submarines with India


Subject: Defence Technologies

Topic: Submarines – concept, types and projects

Issue: P-75I Submarines

Context: Germany has presented a proposal for sale of six advanced conventional submarines to India for the Navy’s P-75I procurement programme.

Project-75 (India) / P-75I

  • It is a military acquisition initiative by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to procure six diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy.
  • The deal is being progressed under the ‘strategic partnership’ where local manufacturers are to partner with foreign submarine manufacturers under a technology transfer.
  • It is a follow-up to Project 75(Kalvari-class submarines) and improves upon its design and technology.
  • Ships of Kalvari class(Prelims) – Kalvari,Khanderi,Karanj,Vela,Vagir,Vagsheer.




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