Kerala Assembly passes unanimous resolution requesting Centre to amend wildlife Act

Syllabus: GS-III

Subject: Environment & Ecology

Topic: Biodiversity and Conservation

Issue: Wildlife Protection Act,1972.

Context: The Kerala Legislative Assembly passed a resolution advising the Central government to amend the Wildlife Protection Act to address human-wildlife conflicts.

Demanded Amendments:

  • Aims to eliminate wildlife intrusions into human habitations, which endanger lives, damage property, destroy crops, and prey on livestock.
  • To declare wild pigs as vermin and the implementation of scientific and humane wildlife population control measures.Top of Form

(+ Prelims Connect)

Schedule I and

part II of schedule II

Animals which are in the category of endangered species. These are given absolute protection from hunting. Eg: Tiger.
Schedule III and IV These also have roughly the same provisions of section I and II, but cover animals that are not in danger of becoming extinct.
Schedule V Delineates animals that can be hunted like ducks and deer’s with the prior permission of chief wildlife warden. (Vermins)
Schedule VI Concerns cultivation and plant life and gives teeth to setting up more protected animal parks.
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