The many lows of the 17th Lok Sabha

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: Polity

Topic: Legislature

Issue: Lok Sabha.

 (+1 Advantage for Mains)

  • The 17th Lok Sabha:
    • was the First one to not appoint a Deputy Speaker.
    • it recorded the lowest number of sittings.

Changing trends in Lok Sabha:

  • A decrease in number of bills scrutinized, compared to previous Lok Sabhas.
  • A decrease in number of sitting days and sitting hours of the house.
  • A decrease in use of various parliamentary tools like Calling Attentions, Adjournment Motions

Prelims Connect:

  • Calling Attention” – a parliamentary procedure to call the attention of the Government to a matter of urgent public importance.
  • adjournment motion: to draw the attention of the House to a recent matter of urgent public importance having serious consequences.
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