Use Chabahar port, India tells Central Asian countries.

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: International relations

Topic: India’s relations with other countries.

Issue: Chabahar Port.

Context: “India urges Central Asian nations to utilize Chabahar port for enhanced connectivity and trade.

Sixth Regional Dialogue on Afghanistan

  • The use of Chabahar Port and Shaheed Behesti Terminal for maritime trade.
  • India, not recognizing the Taliban, stresses humanitarian assistance, combating terrorism, and preserving rights in Afghanistan.
  • India has 500 projects across Afghanistan and supports economic empowerment, including scholarships for Afghan girls.
  • It emphasized the need to prevent Afghan territory from being used by terrorist group.

+1 Advantage for Mains:

Strategic and economic importance of Chabahar Port:

  • It offers India an alternate route to Afghanistan, bypassing Pakistan, by road and sea.
  • Facilitates transportation of crude oil and urea, reducing costs for India.
  • Enhances India’s import of iron ore, sugar, and rice, and reduces oil import costs.
  • Provides strategic location for the Indian Navy to counterbalance China’s presence.
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