Viksit must be inclusive

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Economy, Topic: Agriculture and allied sector, Issue: Role of agriculture in Viksit Bharat

Importance of Agriculture:

  • Agriculture contributes 18% to India’s GDP but employs 45% of the workforce.


  • Reducing water consumption, soil degradation, and curbing GHG emissions.
  • Without policy changes, agriculture’s share in GDP may drop to 7-8% by 2047.
  • Skill formation and job transition are vital for rural populations.
  • Agri-GDP growth in 2023-24 is low at 0.7%, posing risks for economic disparity.
  • Extreme weather events threaten agriculture’s stability.

The way ahead

  • Policy reforms should rationalize subsidies, boost R&D, promote high-value agriculture, and facilitate market access.
  • Access to pan-India and export markets should be enhanced through cooperatives, FPOs, digital commerce, and contract farming.
  • Restrictions on futures trading should be reconsidered for price stability.
  • Viksit Bharat needs to prioritize agricultural development for inclusivity and productivity.
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