What women voters want

Syllabus: GS-I, Subject: Society and Social Justice, Topic: Issues of women, Issue: Women voters

Increasing importance of women voters:

  • Female voter turnout surpassed male participation in the 2019 elections.
  • Approximately 47 crore women are expected to vote in the upcoming elections.
  • Research indicates that women are autonomously making voting decisions, advocating for fairness and respectable livelihoods.

Key demands of women voters:

  • Nomadic, denotified tribes and trans persons require government action for identity recognition
  • Urgent actions to dismantle gender norms, incorporate gender sensitization in education, and promote shared childcare responsibilities.
  • Prioritize women’s health including free screening for breast and cervical cancer.
  • Zero-tolerance policy towards gender-based violence
  • Reform to ensure women feel secure both online and offline.
  • Support women-led startups and enhancing Labour Force Participation Rate (tax rebate and other incentives)
  • Implementing the Women’s Reservation Bill.


The government must demonstrate unwavering commitment to achieving gender parity.

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