Getting around a boycott

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: International Relations, Topic: India and its neighborhood, Issue: India-Bangladesh relations

Context: India Out” campaign in Bangladesh

India’s importance for Bangladesh:

  • Proximity and transportation links contribute to India’s trade advantage with Bangladesh.
  • In 2021-22, India was the second-largest import source for Bangladesh, totaling $13.69 billion.
  • Textile industry supply chain dominates India’s exports to Bangladesh.
  • Other key exports include refined petroleum, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, machinery.
  • India exported 50,000 tons of onion to Bangladesh in 2023, despite an export ban.
  • India supplies construction materials and transportation vehicles to aid Bangladesh’s infrastructure development.
  • Indian Government’s Line of Credit has contributed to improving transportation and office capacity in Bangladesh.

The way ahead:

  • An “India Out” campaign in Bangladesh threatens economic cooperation between the two countries.
  • Both governments need to build trust through citizen exchanges and media cooperation.
  • Easier visas would also help maintain the India-Bangladesh partnership.
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