400 smart city mission projects to miss June 30 deadline, states must take over, panel told.

Syllabus: GS- II

Subject:  Governance

Topic: Government Policies & Interventions.

Context: Report on Smart City Mission (SCM) Issues and Recommendations.

Key Issues Highlighted:

·         Changing projects, inadequate financial progress, and intercity disparities.

·         Lack of integration and cross-city learning.

·         Insufficient focus on core projects like social infrastructure and smart energy.

·         governance structure issues, limited public consultation.


·         Greenfield Development: Union ministry to lead master plan creation.

·         Implement fixed tenure for Smart City SPV CEOs.

·         To Introduce third-party evaluation of SCM projects.

·         To Expand SCM to more cities utilizing SPVs’ expertise.

·         Prioritize technology-driven solutions for holistic development.

(Prelims Connect)

Smart Cities Mission

·         Launched in2015.

·         Centrally Sponsored Scheme (funded by both Central and State govt. with different ratios).

·         To Promote cities that provide core infrastructure, clean and sustainable environment, and give a decent quality of life through application of ‘smart solutions’.

·         Till date, 100 cities selected


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