Africa at the center

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: International Relations, Topic: India’s foreign policy, Issue: India-Africa

Context: India should center on African countries in its global south narrative.

Africa’s importance for India:

  • Indian investments in Africa is $98 billion (2023), with trade amounting to $100 billion.
  • Africa’s influence in global forums is crucial for India’s global governance vision.
  • Africa houses three-fourths of humanity and contributes over 39% to global GDP.
  • Africa’s 30% share of global mineral reserves is vital for the energy transition.
  • Convergence of India’s supply chain diversification and Africa’s value chain ambitions

India’s development assistance to Africa:

  • 42 African countries rank as the second-largest recipients of credit extended by India.
  • Around 200 developmental projects have been completed in Africa.
  • Indian social enterprises and NGOs are exporting low-cost, scalable solutions, from eco-friendly houses to rural women solar engineers.

The way ahead:

  • Leveraging historical partnerships with Africa is vital for India’s Global South aspirations.
  • Consider revitalizing existing collaborations or forging new ones with African technical organizations.
  • Such efforts would enhance negotiation skills, provide project management training, and offer industry-specific technical courses.
  • Indian research institutes collaborating with Africa’s research community can develop solutions to tackle Global South challenges.
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