Australia, Britain to build AUKUS subs

Syllabus: GS-II  Subject: International Relations Topic: Regional and global groupings Issue: AUKUS

Context: A landmark deal between Australia and Britain to develop nuclear-powered submarines under AUKUS grouping.

  • Plan to supply Australia with a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines to beef up military muscle in a bid to counter China’s rise.
  • These submarines offer greater range, stealth, and endurance compared to conventional diesel-electric ones.

AUKUS group:

  • AUKUS stands for Australia, United Kingdom, United States
  • It’s a trilateral security partnership formed in 2021, focusing on the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Goal: Collective Security-To strengthen the ability of each member to address security challenges, particularly in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Key Initiative: Nuclear-Powered Submarines for Australia with assistance from the USA and UK.
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