Bangladesh Would Gauge ‘Geopolitical Issues’ Over Chinese Proposal On Teesta River: Official

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: International Relations

Topic: Agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

Context: China aims to commence work on the Teesta River development projects after the January 7 polls in Bangladesh.


Chinese Proposal for Teesta River Development:

  • China expresses interest in developing reservoirs on the Teesta River in Bangladesh, receiving proposals from the country.
  • Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) acknowledges China as a development partner and emphasizes the need to consider India’s concerns regarding the Teesta River project in the context of geopolitical factors.

India’s Concerns and Siliguri Corridor:

  • India views the Siliguri Corridor, near the proposed Teesta project, as strategically vital (often referred to as the ‘Chicken’s Neck’) and is concerned about potential threats to its control.
  • Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Seheli Sabrin acknowledges India’s concerns but finds it challenging to address hypothetical questions, indicating that any objections from India will be carefully considered, taking into account geopolitical factors.

Bangladesh-China Collaboration and Teesta River Development:

  • China is already collaborating with Bangladesh on various infrastructural projects.
  • The concerned ministries and the Economic Relations Division in Bangladesh will assess the potential for cooperation on the Teesta River development, weighing economic benefits against geopolitical considerations.


India, apprehensive about China’s involvement in the Teesta River project near the Siliguri Corridor, considers it strategically sensitive. The ‘Chicken’s Neck’ region is vital, and any Chinese presence is viewed with suspicion. Bangladesh’s careful evaluation of China’s proposal, considering India’s concerns and geopolitical factors, is crucial to maintaining regional stability. India seeks assurance that its strategic interests will be safeguarded amidst the evolving dynamics in the region.

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