Beyond shelter, dweller needs within the four walls

Syllabus: GS- I

Subject: Society and social justice

Topic: Poverty, hunger and development related issues

Issue: Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin (PMAY-G)

  • In the interim budget (2024) announcement was made for construction of two crore additional house in next five years and new housing scheme for middle class.
  • Rapid housing sector expansion prompts consideration of trade-offs between quality of life and environmental concerns.
  • Affordable housing often prioritizes speed, cost, and ease of construction over factors like thermal comfort and low-carbon infrastructure.
  • Light House Projects (LHPs) under PMAY utilize modern technologies to build resilient and affordable houses.
  • Technologies like Mivan offer efficiency but may contribute to increased heat gain and reliance on cooling appliances, elevating GHG emissions.
  • Integration of passive design strategies is crucial for ensuring thermal comfort and aligning housing initiatives with environmental goals.
  • Implementation of guidelines like Eco Niwas Samhita can facilitate a thermally comfortable environment within built spaces.
  • The Smart Ghar III project in Rajkot, serves as a model for achieving indoor thermal comfort through passive design implementation
  • An ecosystem change is needed to incentivize developers and raise awareness among stakeholders for passive design adoption.
  • Weaving environmental consciousness into housing initiatives ensures resilience to climate change and contributes to a sustainable future.
Prelims Connect

·         Global Housing Technology Challenge – India (GHTC-India) to identify and mainstream a basket of innovative construction technologies from across the globe for housing construction sector that are sustainable, eco-friendly and disaster-resilient (Initiated by MoHUA )

·         Light House Projects (LHPs) are underway as part of the Global Housing Technology Challenge (GHTC), spanning six sites across six States.

·          LHPs leverage modern technology and innovative processes to reduce construction time and build more resilient and affordable houses for the underprivileged.

+1 Advantage (data point)

·         PMAY scheme has facilitated the construction of nearly three crore rural and 80 lakh urban affordable houses since 2015.

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