Ending discrimination: On the Union of India and Others vs Ex. Lt. Selina John case

Syllabus: GS-I

Subject: Society and social justice

Topic: Issue of women

Issue: Discrimination at workplace

Recently in Union of India and Others, vs Ex. Lt. Selina John case Supreme Court declared discharge of a women employee after marriage as unconstitutional.

  • Other discrimination faced by women:
  • Barriers in education, employment, and opportunities
  • Uncomfortable personal questions during job interview (about marriage and motherhood)
  • Many girls drop out of school due to economic constraints and lack of facilities
  • Government schemes for girls and women may not be effective if they are constrained by restrictive social and cultural norms.
  • UN’s Gender Snapshot 2023: Without corrective measures, the next generation of women will continue to face disproportionate burdens of household duties and lack access to leadership roles .
+1 Advantage (Data Point)

·         Labour participation of women in the workforce in the latest Periodic Labour Force data (October-December 2023), is at an abysmal 19.9% for women of all ages.

Observation of Supreme Court in the current case)

Terminating employment because the woman has got married is a coarse case of gender discrimination and inequality. Acceptance of such [a] patriarchal rule undermines human dignity, right to non-discrimination and fair treatment.”

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