Cannot treat Scheduled Castes as a homogenous group: Supreme Court.

Syllabus: GS- III

Subject: Society and Social Justice

Topic: Welfare schemes, mechanisms,laws and institutions related to SCs 

Issue: Sub-categorisation of SCs

Context: Supreme Court hearing on categorisation of scheduled castes

  • Tamil Nadu urged for an updated reservation policy.
  • The court noted that Scheduled Castes aren’t a uniform group, some are advancing while others remain underprivileged
  • The court debates whether states can sub-categorize backward classes within SC for better reservation benefits.

Prelims Connect (Important Judgements)

In 2010, the State High Court struck down the provision in the E.V. Chinnaiah case, which held that only the President was empowered to categorize a group as SC under Article 341 of the Constitution.

Article In News:

Article 341: It empowers the President of India to specify certain castes, races, or tribes as “Scheduled Castes” for the Constitution.

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