Centre rejigs plan for sale of Bharat rice and wheat

Syllabus:GS-III, Subject:Current Affairs, Topic: Schemes/Policies/Programmes, Issue: Food inflation

Context: Dismal sales of the government’s Bharat rice. Only 7.2% of Bharat rice lifted from government warehouses was sold.


  • Targeting the regions where the consumption of rice and wheat is higher.
    • For rice – focus on southern and eastern states
    • For wheat – northern states

Bharat Rice

  • Objective: To control prices and provide relief to consumers and check inflationary trends in the food economy.
  • Bharat Rice will be made available in 5 kg and 10 kg packs through the NAFED,NCCF and Kendriya Bhandar.

Bharat Atta:

  • Pilot sale of Bharat Atta in February 2023 to offload about 300,000 tonnes of wheat from the warehouses of the Food Corporation of India (FCI)
  • The price was slashed from ₹50 per kg to ₹27.5 per kg amid poor offtake and sales.
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