DRDO anti-drone tech ready, handed over to BEL, private firms

Syllabus: GS-III

Subject: Security

Topic: Defence.

Issue: Anti-Drone Tech.

Context: DRDO’s anti-drone tech, ready for production, handed to private firms. Focus on high-endurance UAVs; emphasis on Lithium Ion batteries.


  • DRDO’s anti-drone system ready for production; demonstrated to armed services.
  • Focus on high-endurance UAVs; smaller drone capabilities left to the industry.
  • Integrated anti-drone system covers detection, identification, and neutralization.
  • 23 orders placed by three services on BEL for DRDO-developed technology.
  • Transfer of Technology (ToT) to private industries including BEL, Adani, L&T, and Icom.
  • Technology capable of countering all types of drones, including micro drones.
  • DRDO working closely with the industry for anti-drone technology.
  • R&D efforts focus on high-end drones; Tapas UAV in advanced developmental trials.
  • Emphasis on Lithium Ion-based batteries; DRDO and ISRO working on indigenous development.
  • House panel recommends DRDO to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, integrate AI and Robotics.

Conclusion: DRDO’s anti-drone tech, emphasizing private collaborations and Lithium Ion batteries, positions India for advanced UAV capabilities and self-reliance.

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