Electoral season and restructuring the health system

Syllabus: GS-I

Subject: Society and Social Justice

Topic: Social Sector-Health

Issue: Approach to public health in India

Approach to public health in India:

  • Two main political parties in India treat health either as public good as citizen’s right or a commodity provided through public private partnership.
  • Both approach find reflection in – National Rural Health Mission, National Medical Commission, Strengthened rural health infrastructure with capital investment, Social health insurance , National Health Authority , expansion of medical college
  • Key concerns– Week primary and secondary health infrastructure, shortage of human resource

What India should do to reform its health system?

  • Strengthening primary health: care is crucial for integrating community surveillance, demographic data, and disease profiles.
  • Mapping and accrediting health facilities: expand access points and increase accountability through service packages.
  • Coordination and capacity building: at the local level to regulate patient flows and ensure continuity of care.
  • Successful examples like Thailand’s Universal Health Coverage emphasize planned strategies and strong HR policies.
  • Establishing IT and monitoring systems linked to financing improves efficiency and outcomes within a decentralized, accountable framework.
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