Govt plans coking coal washery policy.

Syllabus: GS-III; Subject: Economy; Topic: Industry and Industrial policies, Issue: Coal washery policy.

Context: The central government plans to introduce a policy to encourage private steelmakers to use domestic coking coal.

Coal washing is a process of cleaning raw coal to remove impurities like rock, sand at a coal preparation plant (called a washery) to improve the quality of the coal.

 Greenfield Washery Development Policy:

  • Aim:Decrease reliance on coking coal imports, and promote domestic coal usage.
  • Monetization of abandoned washeries to boost coal washing capacity.
  • Incentives:
    • Long-term lease on land for setting up washeries.
    • Assured supply of coking coal.

Prelims Connect (Terminology in news)

Coking coal:

✔  Specific type of coal with ideal properties for producing coke,a crucial ingredient in steelmaking.


✔  High carbon and Low sulphur content.

✔  Good coking properties when heated without air.

✔  Role in Steelmaking: Acts as fuel and reducing agent in blast furnaces.

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