Time for a tech manifesto

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: Polity, Topic: Elections and RPA, Issue: Technology Manifesto

Key issues in the digital ecosystem:

  • India has 904.54 million broadband subscribers, but growth is uneven, favouring urban, male, and upper-income groups.
  • Despite the Telecommunications Act of 2023, internet shutdowns persist, affecting lower-income Indians heavily reliant on smartphones.
  • Lack of political focus on digital issues hampers democratic representation and separates digital society development from public discourse.

 The way ahead:

  • Political discourse should address the inequitable distribution of internet connectivity and propose solutions for social justice through digitization.
  • Policy debates on internet access, surveillance, data breaches, and digital rights need mainstream attention and careful regulation.
  • Digital technologies, essential for employment, health, and modern living, should be prioritised in party manifestos.
  • Political parties should offer an alternate digital vision to engage voters.
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