Greece’s gateway to Asia, India’s gateway to Europe

Syllabus: GS- II

Subject: International Relations

Topic: India’s relations with other nations

Issue: India-Greece

Context: State Visit of Greek Prime Minister to New Delhi

  • India (Indian Ocean region) and Greece (East Mediterranean region) both are located in strategic important and geographically volatile areas.
  • Recent events in red sea has linked the security, stability and prosperity of the East Mediterranean region with Indian Ocean region.
  • Co-operation between India and Greece at various levels:
  • Defense- joint and reciprocal exercises
  • Business- Indian construction company (new airport on the island of Crete), Mid-size shipping company (Brokerage firm in Athens), a large systemic bank involved in security market.
  • Investment opportunity-Greece’s most important long-term foreign investor is a Indian-Canadian billionaire
  • People to people ties and ancient linkage
  • Greece’s importance for India is increasing due to-
  • Greece representing itself as eastern gate of NATO and EU
  • The idea of constructing the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor
  • Greece is a supporter of strong India-EU relation and is working to ensure that the EU-India bilateral trade and investment agreement is rapidly concluded.
  • Due to high level, political visit year 2024 is crucial for India-EU and India-Greece relations.
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