Gross mismanagement

Syllabus: GS III, Subject: Science & Technology, Topic: Medical science and Health, Issue: Vaccine Administration in India

Context: India is facing a TB drug shortage, affecting treatment for drug-sensitive TB.

Key issues in TB vaccination in India

  • Delay in diagnosis and treatment initiation.
  • Frequent shortage of TB drugs especially drug resistant T.B.


  • Non-availability of drugs contributes to non-adherence, affecting treatment success.
  • Last-minute permission for local drug procurement creates challenge at field level.
  • Patients may be forced to purchase medicines themselves.


  • Renaming the National TB Control Programme to National TB Elimination Programme without addressing drug availability issues reflects mismanagement.
+1 advantage for mains(Data points)

·                 Prime Minister has set the target to “eliminate TB by 2025” in 2018.

·                 The Health Ministry launched the National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2017-2025 to achieve this goal.

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