ISRO’s ‘naughty boy’ rocket to launch India’s latest weather satellite today

Syllabus: GS-III

Subject: Science & Technology

Topic: Space Technology

Context: GSLV-F14 will launch the INSAT-3DS meteorological satellite from Sriharikota.

  • GSLV was nicknamed “naughty boy” due to past reliability issues.
  • Mission crucial as GSLV to carry NISAR satellite later, jointly developed by NASA and ISRO.
  • NISAR will provide information on global mapping for ecosystem changes, ice mass, sea level rise, and natural hazards.
  • INSAT-3DS to replace INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR with a 10-year mission life, funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Prelims Connect:


·         It is a mass launch vehicle.

·         Features solid propellant first stage (S139) and four liquid propellant strap-on stages (L40).

·         Also includes liquid propellant second stage (GS2) and cryogenic third stage (GS3) with LOX and LH2.

·         Capable of launching spacecraft for communications, navigation, and earth resource surveys.

·         Equipped with Ogive payload fairing for satellite protection during ascent.

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